Data focused applications for the manufacturing environment.

WireFreeCNC offers a series of software applications that specialize in the collection and distribution of real-time machine data.


Events is a live centralized database that normalizes data signals from a wide variety of the machine tools.


Events offers real-time and historic API access to this data for use across any ERP, MES, OEE, or custom in-house platform.


Detailed machine and production data helps to drive informed decisions that are critical to maintaining a competitive edge.

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Link is a communications platform for CNC Machining Equipment. Manage file communications with the latest or the oldest CNC equipment.

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TrueCut is a software application that analyzes hi-resolution data from a machine as it is cutting.


By capturing actual speeds, feeds, and spindle load, TrueCut can compare this data to the original NC part program. Programs can then be optimized to improve machine performance, reduce cutting time, and extend tool life.

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Partner Solutions

WireFreeCNC works with value added partners to deliver competitive solutions that fit within any manufacturing environment.


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