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Software Solutions for DNC and Data Collection

Excellerant pulls data from your machines and shop floor, and provides the tools necessary to understand, analyze, and sync this data with existing ERP and MES systems.


Excellerant furnishes simple yet powerful reports in real time, making your data immediately available to you. Excellerant also facilitates advanced access through common database connections, a web API, and OPC-UA.  


Excellerant simplifies the collection of manufacturing data, allowing you to assess machine performance and utilization quickly, accurately, and objectively.


With access to real-time machine and operator data, Excellerant solves problems at every

level of manufacturing -- from the shop floor to the executive suite.

WireFreeLink is a DNC (Distributed Numerical Control) package which enables you to send, and manage the sending of, NC files to CNC machines from a single managed location.

Regardless of whether a machine communicates with an old RS232 connection, or uses more modern Ethernet based communication, WireFreeLink can ease the sending and receiving of files to it.

In many environments, such as medical or aerospace, controlling which programs are available to which machines, and ensuring only the latest revision of a program is accessible is incredibly important, and required by industry standards. WireFreeLink builds this process into how files are sent and received, helping you to meet program control guidelines in your next audit.

 While WireFreeLink works with both wired and wireless machines, combining WireFreeCNC software and hardware simplifies installation and maintenance of your DNC system.

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